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About Us



Welcome to the Wizdom Naturals family!

We are a small business located on the beautiful island of Bermuda. We fell in love with aromatherapy and making natural products for our family.

  • We say no to vaccines and do our best  to avoid GMO's and harmful chemical additives in our food and skin care  products.
  • We received International certification in Aromatherapy from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in 2013.
  • We will celebrate our 5th year business anniversary in 2019 and are excited about the future!
  • Our mission is to share the importance and benefits of natural body care . We seek out alternatives to chemical laden lifestyles. Our goal is to provide quality, effective products which are as close to nature as possible at an affordable price.

We share experiences in our blog of what helped us in our quest for natural living in hopes that something you read helps you or inspires you along your wellness journey.

Be blessed with the wisdom to live a healthy and happy life!

- Steph and Family


***DISCLAIMER, We are not doctors, just sharing our own personal experience. Do your own research, consult your own healthcare practitioner. Take responsibility for your health