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About Us


Living in a big city Stephanie experienced first hand the greed that drives large corporations to poison people for profit. From vaccines, to GMOs to chemical additives, she wanted to know what she was putting in and on her body.

She started reading the fine print ingredient labels of food, skin and hair care products. When she discovered the harm that some of these toxic ingredients can do to the body, she became disgusted with how these products were so deceptively marketed.

A container full of toxic and cheap filler ingredients masquerading as something healthy, natural or beneficial! “Not for me or my baby!” she vowed. While pregnant she learned about the link between fragrances, hormone disruption and reproductive issues, which lead her to discover the amazing world of aromatherapy. It was love at first scent! Hungry to learn more, she obtained International Certification in Aromatherapy and started making natural products for her family.

She envisioned a business with a passion for natural health, a company that would be honest in their marketing, a company who’s core values required them to put people’s health and wellbeing above profits.  She started Wizdom Naturals and has been providing quality aromatherapy  and natural products since 2014

Stephanie now lives in Bermuda with her husband and two children. She enjoys unplugging from the matrix even if it’s just for a few moments to sip a cup of herbal tea and enjoy the water views from her home.



***DISCLAIMER, We are not doctors, just sharing our own personal experience. Do your own research, consult your own healthcare practitioner. Take responsibility for your health