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An Encounter with Scarlet Fever

I thought Scarlet Fever was a disease from centuries gone by. In my lifetime I had never heard of anyone ever getting it. Then in the middle of the night my son woke up with a wicked sore throat and a fiery fever. I kept him home from school that Friday and by Sunday he  was out of bed was feeling remarkably better, even asking to go for a swim at the neighborhood beach.

Then I noticed a very fine rash spreading over his body. After a couple of hours of googling children's rashes I still had no idea what it might be. It didn't look like anything I saw online.

The next morning we took a trip to the doctor. He said, "It could be a viral exanthem OR it could be scarlet fever because of his recent sore throat. Lets do a strep test." The strep test came back positive so then we knew it was Scarlet Fever.

He was prescribed a 10 day round of antibiotics which we took after consulting a naturopath doctor and homeopathist on the alternative treatments for scarlet fever.

From that point on the worst of it was the itching (besides getting him to swallow that "nasty" yellow antibiotic liquid). Oatmeal and baking soda baths really helped with the itching.

Also I made him a soothing oatmeal based lotion with lavender and German chamomile essential oils which he said really helped hold back the itching in between the  oatmeal baths. Below are the recipes I used for him:

Oatmeal Bath

1 cup ground up oatmeal

 1 tablespoon baking soda

Mix together and put in a sock. Soak in a warm bath with the sock as long as desired.


Oatmeal lotion

1 part emulsifying wax

3 parts oil

6 parts strained oatmeal water

2% essential oil

1% preservative

Use and discard within 4 weeks.

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