white front diffuser
white front diffuser

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser 300 mL

$59.99 each


Reap the full benefits of your essential oils with this sleek and stylish aromatherapy diffuser. Enjoy the complete and natural fragrance of your favorite essential oil or blend using the latest ultrasonic technology. 

Add water and a few drops of essential oils and experience the therapeutic benefits. Relaxation, stimulation, purification, bring  balance to body and mind.



1) Use cold tap water or distilled water. Do not use hot water or mineral water.


2) Use 100% pure essential oils only. Other oils may damage the unit.


3) Press AND hold the MIST button to turn on or off the unit. Tap the MIST button to scroll

through the timer settings.


4) Tap the LIGHT button once to turn on the LED lights. The lights will gradually change from color to color. Tap the LIGHT button again to scroll through each stationary color.



1) At least once per week, wash the water tank gently with neutral detergent being careful not to scratch the ultrasonic mechanism.


2) Run the unit for 30 minutes with no oils. 


3) Do not use chlorine, acidic or enzyme based detergents for cleaning the unit.


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